Clare Dunne

Clare’s done a lot of talkie talkie speaky speaky before writing. 

With deadly people….like Druid, The Gate, The Abbey, THISISPOPBABY, National Theatre London, Donmar and more. 

She’s done a bit of spoken word and is a wannabe musician and singer. 

And she full on shoved that desire into making a show called SURE LOOK IT, FUCK IT, that started out as a JOKE and subsequently involved her looking for her favourite buzz (as research obvs) towards a full scale production in Project Arts Centre with THISISPOPBABY.

On screen she’s done some high quality shorts – most recently CYNTHIA – a debut by Jack Hickey that won Best Short in Galway Fleadh. 

But her massive creative mountain she’s climbed is… a feature film she wrote now nearing the end of edits, and its called HERSELF, which she didn’t name and now has to be HERSELF. Punerrific. 

She can’t believe she’s sharing a panel with two of the hugest talents in the country and is waiting for someone to tell her this was just a prank.

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