Louise Bruton

Louise Bruton is a freelance journalist, popculture enthusiast, disability rights activist, DJ and playwright. She regularly writes about music, TV, women’s rights, travel, social media, access and life as a wheelchair user for the Irish Times, Lonely Planet and Image Magazine.  She is also a regular contributor to radio shows, podcasts and panel discussions, either as a guest or host, covering the subjects above and everything else in between. 

She made her theatre debut in 2017’s Dublin Fringe Festival as a playwright and a performer with a sold out run of WHY WON’T YOU HAVE SEX WITH ME?, a show that looks into disability, relationships and sex. She is currently in the process of transforming the basis of this play into a TV series. 

As of May 2019, she runs a monthly club night with Michael Pope (Le Galaxie) called Pure Shores and they only play music by women.

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