Paul Butler Lennox & Ray Mongey, Film Network Ireland

Film Network Ireland (Fni) was established in 2009 by Ray Mongey and Paul Butler Lennox. Initially as a small social platform to help source Filmmaking crew and to highlight the independent film and television sector working in Ireland. Taking the form of a Facebook group. 

The remit at first was very simple. To create a safe space of encouragement and self promotional tool for Filmmakers, actors and creatives working in film and tv to promote and advertise their skillset in a transparent respectful and productive environment. To help source Filmmaking crew and passionate people who are ambitious to make a name for themselves.

The group grew incredibly fast initially from a handful of professional colleagues to a thousand people in a short space of time. This with the knowledge that anyone wishing to join had recognised training in their discipline or was a working professional that had recognised credits or was actively in University or college studying a related discipline.

Over the last 10 years Fni has grown exponentially in terms of reputation and engagement of new audiences and by the numbers of people statistically joining on various platforms and events. It has become an invaluable resource for debate and discussion resulting in the organic growth to one of the largest communities in the country, which has been consistently a platform for people who look for opportunity and professional growth. Those who strive for transparent and long standing working relationships. 

Fni has become the go-to resource for individuals to look for opportunity and for companies to advertise work, services and cast performers. 

The interest and engagement has grown so much that it was a logical step that Fni would manifest itself into a tangible offline community which would organise well attended  meetups, networking events, Screenings, classes and ultimately a regular industry podcast practicing what we preach, by the name of Fni Wrapchat which has become the biggest film industry podcast operating in Ireland. A show which gives nuts and bolts accounts of people who directly relate to the various different departments of the Irish Film and Tv industry. We’re over 75 eps  at this point. Sponsored by Wildcard Distribution.

All of which is done voluntarily. 

Our classes and seminars have consisted of a standard of recognised creatives working at a low price to help themselves rise by lifting others,  to impart wisdom, encouragement and support and examples are varied in the images attached We are also well established all over the country at film festivals running events directly there and in Dublin over the years. We have strong ties and had great active visual support and in some instances and held events and podcasts with the Galway Film Fleadh, The Kerry Film festival, The now unfortunately disbanded Film Base, the Cork Film Festival, the Dublin Virgin Media film festival and a number of recognised film production companies and organisations with international reputations such as the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland, the Irish Film School, the Writers Guild of Ireland, and a number of agencies and post house and rental companies operating here in Ireland. 

Our regular networking events draw large numbers  and receive overwhelming support in terms of sponsorship which we redistribute to individual Filmmakers directly to aid and support their creative progress and long term sustainability in the Irish Film and Tv industry. 

#WeAreFni is our hashtag.

Join us on our social media platforms for further engagement. Oh and “Make a name for yourself”

And on Twitter at @fni_film

You can listen to our Film and Tv industry Podcast Fni Wrapchat on Apple podcasts,Spotify

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